SUDL Tournament Registration Form

How do I register?

There are three ways for you to register for the tournament.

1. Fill out this online registration form.
2. Email Rachel Woods with your registration information.
3. Fax your registration to 206.770.6366.

Regardless of how you register, you need to include the following information: Your school, your contact email and phone number, the Firstname and Lastname of each debater and whether they will need transportation.

Registration deadlines:

Registration for each tournament is due the Friday of the week before the tournament. This is important so we can order food, transportation, trophies, etc. You can make changes to your registration after that Friday, but we need as much information as possible by then.

The fall 2002 deadlines are as follows:

Tournament Date Registration form Due
October 19 October 11
November 16 November 8
December 14 December 6

Rachel will call or email to confirm your registration. If you have not heard confirmation by the Wednesday before the tournament, call Rachel at 206.251.7326. Please notify Rachel of any changes in your entry (cancelations, modifications, or additions) after your submission as soon as possible.

Teams should arrive at the tournament location at least one (1) hour prior to round 1 to be included in the tournament pairings. Feel free to fill out additional forms for additional teams.


Please enter the school name and a contact email address (if you have one):

(* = required)
*Your name:
Contact email:
Contact phone:

Please enter the names teachers who are attending and available to judge:

1: 2:

Please enter the names of the debaters for each team that will be attending. If you have more teams than space allows here, please submit a second form. If students need transportation from your school to the tournament, check the "Transportation" checkbox.

Open Division Entry:
Open division teams must include disclosure information for their affirmative case. Specifically, each team must disclose the name of their affirmative case, the plan text, and a short description of the advantages.

Debater 1 Transportation      Debater 2 Transportation

Novice Division Entry:
Novice division is for first-year debaters only. Both partners must be novice-eligible to compete in this division.

Debater 1 Transportation      Debater 2 Transportation
Transportation Notes

Please note any special transportation needs, otherwise a bus will pick up the students from their school.

Additional Notes

If you have any comments, special requests or information for us, please let us know.

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