The SDF is selling our famous "Debate Like a Girl" t-shirts to raise money for the Urban Debate League. All funds from t-shirt sales go directly towards the UDL.

Why Debate Like a Girl?

The original idea and design for the shirts was the work of Gabrielle Prisco while she was a graduate assistant at the University of Alabama. Although the shirt means different things to many people, it is meant to affirm the role and contribution of women in debate. It was also designed as a tribute to Becky Galentine, who was a passionate advocate for women in the activity.

What do you have available?

Currently we are featuring short-sleeve t-shirts in two colors, white and yellow. We have adult S thru XXXL in white, and S thru XL in yellow.

How much do they cost?

Each shirt is $15, plus shipping. Shipping costs are based on the total order, not per shirt. Shipping for one or two shirts is $3, and it goes up incrementally from there.

Remember, all proceeds from t-shirt sales go directly to the Seattle UDL.

How do I get one?

Buying your own Debate Like a Girl t-shirt is easy! You can email . with your order, or you can place your order on-line right here.

Debate Like a Girl t-shirt white. Size: Qty:   
Debate Like a Girl t-shirt yellow. Size: Qty:   

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