Debate Across the Curriculum
Summer Camp

Third Annual Seattle Debate Institute  

University of Washington

August 13-27, 2006 

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About SDI

SDI is an intense, two-week summer institute/workshop for youth going into grades 9-12.  Housed on the University of Washington’s campus, program includes individual research, brief writing, speaking drills, and practice debates with experienced faculty and low student-teacher ratios.  SDI will provide students with the necessary training and supplies that prepare the students to debate the 2006-7 National Topic on national service programs. 

In addition, this summer, SDI will be pioneering our incorporation of hip hop as an alternative argument for our students to use in their 90-minute evidenced based debate rounds.  The goal of this new addition to the program is to teach students how to use hip hop to speak to the issues that they will be debating. We hope that in doing this we can not only create a more inclusive activity, but also stimulate a broader commitment to create a more inclusive politics that values the richness and voices of all cultures and forms of expression. 

In addition to our fabulous teaching staff, the institute will also feature volunteers from the community as guest lectures, including: judges, lawyers, professors, political activists, entrepreneurs, and health professionals. 

SDI is sponsored by the SDF, Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) at Seattle Public Schools, Seattle Parks and Recreation and the University of Washington Department of Communications. 


Institute Instructors 

Debate Instructors: 

David Peterson (DP), Institute Instructor:

 I am currently working on a Master's degree in Pan-African Studies and a graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville in Louisville Kentucky.   I recieved a BA in Philosophy from California State University Long Beach in 2005.   I competed in collegiate policy debate for 3.5 years and was the team president for one year.   I am a 3 time NDT participant with one NDT Double -Octafinals finish in 2004 and one Octa-Finals finish in 2005 as well as the 8th speaker at the NDT in 2005.   I coached debate at Compton High School for from 2003 to 2005.   I currently coach debate at the University of Louisville and have coached at high school debate institutes in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Louisville.

Judy Butler, Institute Instructor[1]: 

Judy is one of the most experienced instructors in the nation, having taught at over 50 debate workshop sessions.  Judy is the founder and former debate coach for Spelman University and has also coached at Emory University, Georgia State University and Woodward Academy.  Judy also is the co-founder of Stanford National Forensic Institute and 16-year instructor there.  For the last two years Judy has worked as an independent contractor for the Federal Public Defender Program as a litigation investigator on State Habeas capitol cases.

Shanara Reid, Institute Instructor (returning staff)[2]

After debating on the 1st Urban Debate League high school teams in Atlanta, Shanara debated for Emory University where she was a quarterfinalist at the Cross-Examination Debate Association National Championship.  Shanara has taught at numerous national debate institutes, including SDI and currently is working on her Ph.D. at the University of Georgia.  

Walid Kandeel, Institute Instructor[3]: 

Walid debated for Cal State Long Beach and broke to elimination rounds at CEDA Nationals in 2005, and also cleared to Octa-Finals at the NDT in 2005 where Walid and DP they exclusively used hip-hop advocacy. Walid now attends law school at UC Davis school of law and is currently a law clerk for Mumia Abu-Jamal's lead counsel.

Nader Haddad, Institute Instructor:

Nader debated for Cal State Long Beach.  (additional biographical info will be available shortly on our website)

Eesir Kaur, Institute Instructor (returning staff):

Eesir currently attends Harvard University and will be debating in the Fall.  Eesir taught at SDI in 2005 and received excellent reviews from all of the students.  She debated on the national circuit with the Bay Area Urban Debate League when she was in high school for Hayward High in California.

Jael Myrick, Institute Instructor (returning staff):

Jael is a Bay Area Urban Debate League graduate where he earned national recognition debating for John F. Kennedy High School. Jael is returning for his third year instructing at SDI.

Randy Joseph, Institute Instructor (returning staff):

Randy is a Bay Area Urban Debate League graduate and debated for John F. Kennedy High School in Richmond, California.  He now coaches for his Alma Mater and is studying business at UC Berkeley.


Institute Directors, Guest Instructors & Administrative Staff

Jen Johnson, Institute Director:

Jen is the Executive Director of the Seattle Debate Foundation.  Jen has directed several debate institutes and has taught at over 20 debate workshops.  She is a former UC Berkeley debater and former Director of the SF-Bay Area UDL. 

Ceci  Chiu, Assistant Administrative Director:

Ceci currently attends the University of Washington is also the current Program Coordinator for the Seattle Debate Foundation.  She debated throughout high school at Augusta Prep in Georgia.  She won the Stanford National Forensics Institute Tournament in 2005.  Ceci also coaches for John Hay Elementary School in Queen Anne.

Makela Steward, Certified Instructor and Dorm Supervisor:

Ms. Steward graduated from Rainier Beach High School and is now coaching for her Alma Mater after leaving her teaching position for New Orleans Public Schools after Hurricane Katrina.  Ms. Steward is certified in Language Arts, History and also teaches Drama, Choir, and African Drumming.

Michael Dixon, Dorm Supervisor and Guest Instructor:

Mr. Dixon is a former activist and is currently the Security Specialist for Garfield High School.  Mr. Dixon has extensive experience tutoring youth throughout Seattle Public Schools, believing firmly in the empowerment of our young people and the innate ability of all youth to achieve high goals.

John Hines, Guest Debate Instructor:

John Hines got his BA from the University of North Texas in communication studies, and also has an MA from the same school in the same area. He also served as a coach there. John qualified for the NDT three times, once with a first round at-large bid, and has reached the elimination rounds at the NDT twice and at CEDA nationals three times. He had an outstanding record as a debater at every major national tournament and reached the final round at Harvard in 2000. In 1994 he was the Texas high school state champion. He has been working in the private sector and is excited about the intellectual stimulation implicit in his return to debate.  He looks forward to his new position as the Assistant Debate Coach for the University of Vermont and being involved in the activism of Vermont.


Visiting Scholars 

In addition to our debate curriculum, the following individuals and groups will be volunteering to speak on panels and conduct seminars that contribute to a well-rounded curriculum that promotes the overall well-being of every participant. 

Hip Hop Artists:


·      Common Market (Seattle)


·      Altered States Crew (Seattle)


·      RadioActive (SF-Bay Area)




·      Darryl Russell, President, The Russell Group, Seattle




·      Kelly Harris, Executive Assistant United States Attorney Western District of Washington, U.S. Department of Justice, United States Attorney's Office


Health Professionals:


·      Inderjeet Ramgotra, MS, L.Ac, Acupuncture East, Seattle & Redmond



[1] Judy will also be instructing SPS teachers during morning workshops.

[2] Shanara will trade off with Judy instructing SPS teachers.

[3] Walid will be teaching until August 20th, at that time he must return to law school at UC Davis.




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