The Seattle & Tacoma UDLs run on the strength of volunteers and donors. Your support is critical to sustaining our programming for our youth.

With your help, a child in a neighborhood not too far from yours might just learn to articulate ideas, push their intellectual limits through competition, become more engaged in the everyday joy of learning, transform the quality of their schools and discover an unimagined sense of personal power through their voice and their mind. They will demand more of themsleves, their teachers, their political leaders and their community as they take control of their educational outcomes in new and exciting ways.

The SDF partners with the Associated Leaders of Urban Debate (ALOUD) and is part of a 22-city network of UDLs committed to creating debate opportunities for underserved/underrepresented urban students.

Here are some resources for people interested in helping the UDL:

Check out our "A Dollar From a Million" fundraiser!

Support The Seattle Debate Institute 2008

SDF Volunteer Handbook
SDF Volunteer Brochure

Also, go to the Volunteer and Donate webpages for additional information.

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