Donate your time and energy as a volunteer

One of the main goals of the Seattle UDL is to make debate available to ALL students, regardless of their ability to afford debate or debate travel.

To accomplish this, the Seattle Debate Foundation recruits volunteers to serve as judges, coaches, mentors, and fundraisers.

Volunteers are the driving force behind the success of the Seattle UDL. Our strong group of volunteers create allow us to crate and sustain new debate teams at minimal cost to students and schools.

Since 2000, over 60 people have volunteered their time with the UDL. Our program is growing by leaps and bounds, and we need your help!

Seattle UDL volunteers come from all walks of life: students, teachers, attorneys, and businesspeople, just to name a few. Some volunteers are former debaters, others have no debate experience. What brings them together is a shared commitment to the value of debate.

Here is a short list of possible volunteer opportunities:

At Tournaments (Friday-Saturday)
• Judge
• Tournament Support Staff

During the week (Before school, During School, After School)
• School/Teacher Mentor
• Debate Center Mentor

• Volunteer recruiter
• Fundraiser
• Debate Researcher
• Website design & maintenance

If you are interested in volunteering, download the Seattle UDL Volunteer Packet. This packet includes additional information about volunteer opportunities and the required Seattle School District paperwork.

After downloading the Volunteer Packet, to set up a meeting and/or training.


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