A Dollar From A Million…

Everyone can make a difference.

Our community is local, regional, national, and global.

Together we know millions of people who care about our youth. 

Please help us connect to the millions of people invested in the education and future success of our youth by having your friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues join the Dollar From A Million Campaign to support unique and empowering educational programming for youth.   

Every dollar supports the Seattle Debate Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which supports one of 19 programs around the country that support Urban Debate Leagues (UDL) to teach key academic and life skills to underserved youth in order to reduce drop out rates, close the achievement gap and accelerate academic achievement.   

A Dollar From A Million will support existing programs and the expansion of Urban Debate throughout public schools and community centers in the Seattle/Tacoma area.   

Programming includes: 

  • Weekend Citywide Debate Tournaments for grades 4-12
  • High School Invitational Tournaments at Colleges and Universities
  • Public/Street Debates
  • Hip Hop & Debate Training
  • After School Meetings
  • Teacher Support Programs
  • Direct Coaching
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Summer Debate Institute
  • City Debate Centers
  • International Debate Tournaments…the movement is global…your dollars can connect us with the students and teachers around the world who also participate in debate.

To become one of the million, you can use PayPal to donate now!

or send one dollar to: 

Seattle Debate Foundation

2442 NW Market Street #472

Seattle, WA 98107  

Thanks A Million!



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