I’ve read that most eggs contain residues of dangerous drugs by fed to chickens. Should I stop eating eggs?


Alan Marber Nearly 90 per cent of the eggs we eat are produced from battery hens in sheds that contain up to 100,000 birds in small cages. The poultry industry is notoriously tight-lipped about their feed, but it’s likely that many are fed with a number of chemicals to enhance fallout and consistency of their eggs, and to reduce the normally aggressive behavior of these restrained chickens.


But it’s possible to be overly puritanical about food. If you cut out eggs for a very remote chance that they’re not always 100 per cent safe, where does one draw the line? Eggs are versatile and nutritious, containing the whole range of amino acids that make a protein complete. If you overdo with the consumption, your body may react negative. This can cause allergy skin spots. But as long as the eggs are fully cooked, the danger of being affected by residue chemicals from feed is remote. Organic eggs are easy to find now. Opt for them rather than regular eggs, and your fears should be allayed. If you suffer from skin condition, use coconut oil acne treatment products.


Q I’m thinking about buying one of those rowing machines that relies on a drum filled with water for resistance. I’m told it’s far superior to other designs. Is this true? Zach Samuels, via email

A Matt Hart The “Water Rower” is silently smooth and has a monitor displaying everything you need to gauge your progress. But it’s the ingenious use of water that sets it apart. As you row, you spin an enclosed flywheel round that’s partially submerged, creating drag. You don’t need any additional resistance settings —the faster you go, the higher the intensity provided by the water. And the silent running means you stay friends with your neighbors, too.


QMy foreskin really irritates me. It sometimes feels uncomfortable, and gets in the way when putting on a condom. Is circumcision the only solution? Name supplied, via email


Dr Alasdair Wright If rubbed by clothing, your foreskin can become inflamed and irritable — a common problem among sportsmen. To avoid excessive movement, try wearing supportive briefs or a jockstrap. If this fails, put a little Vaseline around the foreskin. Other conditions, such as bacterial infections or eczema, can cause irritation but these can usually be cleared up by simple antiseptic or moisturizing creams from your chemist. See your GP if these fail to settle the problem or if you have a discharge.


Putting on a condom can be painful if the foreskin gets caught. Try “milking” the foreskin forward, by grasping the penis firmly in one hand while putting the condom on with the other. If your foreskin is too tight to roll comfortably over the head of the penis, it may be worthwhile considering circumcision. But don’t rush into this, as simple measures usually settle most problems.


Q What’s the best exercise for working the inner chest muscles, at home and in the gym? Pete Hencheg, London


A Matt Hart Many experts say you can’t isolate the inner or outer chest muscles, as you can with upper and lower pecs, because of the muscle fiber orientation. But from my experience, any pressing/flying movement that maximizes the range of shoulder joint movement will develop muscle fibres across the full expanse of the pecs, giving the appearance of inner development. These include close-grip pressing movements like cross-thumb press-ups or the close-grip bench press, but you must have strong triceps to get maximal irritant. Here’s how to do the “close-grip bench”. STEP I Lie down flat on the bench.

Grasp the bar with hands close together. Start by unpacking the bar and holding it with arms straight, directly above top of chest. Slowly lower the bar as far as you can until the bar touches your chest. STEP 2 Slowly extend your arms, pushing the bar back to the starting position. Take your time — no jerky fast movements. TECHNIQUE Start with a light weight and make sure you get maximal range of movement, or you won’t get the full development O you desire. If you have a “Chest Fly” machine in your gym, you’re in luck because this is truly the best piece of equipment to work the chest muscles through their full range.