Debate Across the Curriculum
Summer Camp

2004 UDL City Championship Tournament
West Seattle High School

April 17, 2004

The final UDL tournament of the year will be held at West Seattle on Saturday, April 17th. The tournament will feature 3 rounds of competition and an awards ceremony.

Registration information
All registration for the Roosevelt tournament should be sent via email to AND . All entries must be received by Thursday, April 15, at 5 PM PST. If you miss the registration deadline, contact us. If you have adds or drops, contact us via email asap. You will receive email confirmation when your entry is received.

Each entry should include the following:

1. Squad Info
Coach name
Email address
School phone
Fax number
Home phone

2. Team Info
Student Names


Awards will be given to at least the top 5 teams and speakers in each division, and all competiors in the top 50% of teams and speakers will receive recognition.


Breakfast & lunch will be provided for all UDL students.


9 AM Registration/Breakfast

9:30 AM Student Meeting—Cafeteria
Judge Meeting—Judge Lounge

10:00 AM Posting for Round 1

10:15 AM Round 1

12:00 PM Lunch—Cafeteria

12:45 PM Posting for Round 2

1:00 PM Round 2

2:45 PM Posting for Round 3

3:00 PM Round 3

5:00 PM Awards—Cafeteria


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