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Nathan Hale Defends Home Turf, Wins UDL Tournament

Nathan Hale UDL Tournament
November 22, 2003

Nathan Hale played host to the second UDL tournament of the year, and used the "home court" advantage to reclaim its place at the top of the Seattle UDL. Hale's strong class of new debaters set the pace, claiming 7 of the 10 awards given in the Novice division. This strong showing propelled Hale to win the overall team sweepstakes award, edging UDL rivals Roosevelt and Garfield.

The Seattle UDL also welcomed more new faces at the Hale tournament, with Puyallup and Blanchet making their first-ever appearance at a UDL tournament. Puyallup made their presence felt, going undefeated and winning the first-place award for Open CX debate.

Maia Williams of Nathan Hale won the top speaker award for Novice division, and Bridgette Johnson of Puyallup was the top speaker in Open.

Novice CX Debate Awards

Team Awards
1. Nathan Hale GW (Williams & Girvin)
2. Nathan Hale RV (Ramos & Vu)
3. Nathan Hale ET (Eng & Tomsovic)
4. Roosevelt DF (Aiden Duffy & Austin Fields)
5. Roosevelt BC (Mark Bae & Eliot Change)
6. Nathan Hale VS (Van Aelstyn & Sheehan)
7. Nathan Hale PO (Pfeiffer & O'Connell)
8. Nathan Hale/Chief Sealth (Nguyen & Smith)
9. Nathan Hale TC (Tran & Cross-Knorr)
10. Nathan Hale BL (Boer & Lippold-Gelb)

Novice CX Debate Speaker Awards (PDF)

Open CX Debate Awards

Team Awards
1. Puyallup JW (Bridgette Johnson & Amy Williamson)
2. Garfield BB (Alex Basl & Eric Beatty)
3. Garfield BG (Bryce Blum & Philip Goldfarb)
4. Nathan Hale AC (Athipilly & Cohn)
5. Nathan Hale BB (Brady & Benitez)

Open CX Debate Speaker Awards (PDF)

Team Sweepstakes Awards

The top 3 teams were recognized for their overall outstanding achievement at the tournament.

1st Place: Nathan Hale
2nd Place: Roosevelt
3rd Place: Garfield


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