Hip-Hop Summer Debate Camp

The two-week Seattle Debate Institute at the University of Washington,
August 13-27, 2006 will be pioneering our incorporation of hip hop as
an alternative argument for our students to use in their 90-minute
evidenced based debate rounds.

The goal of this new addition to the program is to teach students how to
use hip hop to speak to the issues that they will be debating. We hope
that in doing this we can not only create a more inclusive activity,

but also stimulate a broader commitment to create a more inclusive
politics that values the richness and voices of all cultures and forms
of expression.

We'll have Hip Hop skills seminars most evenings and some afternoons
taught by Hip Hop artists from Seattle and Cali.

Throughout the camp, the debaters will be using Hip Hop (Rap, Deejaying,
dance, graffiti etc.) in their practice debates, and also writing and
debating specific arguments about the value of Hip Hop and its
importance in politics and education.

Special thanks to all of the artists involved. We can’t thank you
enough for your time and energy that you are bringing to the institute.
Your presence sends a strong message to the youth that they are not
alone, but that they are supported, brilliant, and are the leaders of
today who are paving the way to a just, unified, and peaceful future.

Special thanks also to all of the folks at the Multi-Media Center,
especially Dione Tyson and Uhuru Baynes, who have spent countless hours
supporting this project. Stay tuned for their documentary on the

The Multi-Media center's overall guiding philosophy is: To provide
multi-media opportunities to traditionally under served and
economically disadvantaged people of color.

For more information about the Multi-Media Center: (206) 772-3025;
[email protected].

Hip Hop Artists at Seattle Debate Institute:

MC Radio Active
(SF-Bay Area)

RA, Common Market

Nisan, Altered States Crew

RC Tha Trackaholiq, Production/Engineering

RC Da Trackaholiq aka Oskar Madison, CIDEWAYZ PRODUCTIONS.
RC Da Trackoholiq is a Seattle WA native and has been bangin’ out tracks on his own production company, Cidewayz Productions for local and national recording artists for 10 + years. His beats offer a consistently unique sound not belonging to any one style. RC can recreate many genres of music such as East Coast, West Coast Dirty South, Crunk, Reggae, R&B, Jazz, Funk, what ever. And then with a North West twist he makes it all his own. As a classically taught drummer and a self taught keyboard player RC brings something different to the table with such influences as Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfeild, Parliament (and anything else 70s) Dr. Dre (of course) many Blues artists and some of the current producers blazin’ the air waves (especially Jazzy Phay). RC has graced over 30 albums in his music career with Production and Engineering, not many joints get released in the town with out at least a couple of Trackaholiq bangers on the project. The Trackaholiq resume sports names like; B-Legit, Richy Rich, C-Bo, Mac Mal, Mac Dre, JT tha Bigga Figga, Sir Mixalot, King T, Yuck Mouth, Big Syke, Mo Preme Shakur, E-Dawg MD 50/50(formerly DMS). Local vocalists like No Good Therapy, Gangsta Nutt, 151, Sonny Bonoho, Twin G, Skuntdunnunna, Mr. Biznezz, Anonymous, Old Dominion and pretty much everybody in the Seatown. “Still Rainin’” is a sophomore compilation release preceded by his debut album “When It Rains….” Both projects are in collaboration with Sea-Sick Records.
Check out RC's Bio on Myspace at

José S. Gutierrez a.k.a. Luzza J (Seattle)

Mr. P Double U (Seattle)

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