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Large Tournament and New Friends Highlight First UDL Tournament of Season

Roosevelt UDL Tournament
November 7-8, 2003

The Seattle UDL hosted its first tournament of the season November 7-8, 2003 at Roosevelt HS. Nine teams from throughout Western Washington attended the tournament. The tournament was the biggest ever for the Seattle UDL, with over 100 people in attendance.

This was the first UDL tournament designed as an "invitational" tournament. As part of our effort to integrate the UDL into the existing debate circuit, we opened our doors to teams from all over the state. We were proud to welcome Eastlake, Lakeside, Mariner, Newport and Seattle Academy as participants in the first-ever open invitation UDL tournament.

Novice CX Debate Awards

13 teams competed in the novice division of CX debate. This division is open to first-year competitors. After 6 preliminary rounds, Roosevelt LP and Nathan Hale BW met in the finals, with Roosevlet LP winning a 2-1 decision.

Team Awards
1st Place: Roosevelt Lirman & Parkinsen
2nd Place: Nathan Hale Boer & Williams
3rd Place: Roosevelt Almvig & Johnston
4th Place: Roosevelt Bae & Change
5th Place: Roosevelt Nguyen & Stephanova
6th Place: Nathan Hale Tran & Cross-Knorr

Novice CX Debate Speaker Awards (PDF)

Open CX Debate Awards

7 teams competed in the open division of CX debate. The final round was closed out by Nathan Hale DR and BB.

Team Awards
1st Place: Nathan Hale Driver & Ruelend
2nd Place: Nathan Hale Brady & Benitez
3rd Place: Nathan Hale Athapilly & Cohn
4th Place: Garfield Basl & Beatty

Open CX Debate Speaker Awards (PDF)

Novice LD Debate Awards

14 teams competed in Novice Lincoln-Douglas debate. This was the first UDL tournament to feature LD debate. After 6 prelim rounds, Eastlake Soukup Lakeside Jiang met in the finals.

3rd Place: Eastlake Zheng
4th Place: Lakeside Harlow
5th Place: Mariner Danson
6th Place: Eastlake Gardiner
7th Place: Mariner Zizak

Novice LD Speaker Awards (PDF)

Open LD Debate Awards

13 teams competed in Open Lincoln-Douglas debate. The final round was between Newport Wang & Eastlake Skinner.

3rd Place: Eastlake Knudtson
4th Place: Lakeside Gunderson
5th Place: Seattle Academy Turhbull
6th Place: Seattle Academy Bushyhead

Open LD Speaker Awards (PDF)

Individual Events Awards

There were 3 rounds of individual events at the Roosevelt tournament. The results for each event are available below, in PDF format.

Novice Oratory
Novice Impromptu
Open Impromptu
Open Extemp

Team Sweepstakes Awards

The top 3 teams were recognized for their overall outstanding achievement at the tournament.

1st Place: Lakeside
2nd Place (tied): Nathan Hale & Eastlake


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