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35 4th and 5th Graders Competed

at the Coe Elementary School Debate Tournament

On June 9th, 2007 35 4th and 5th graders from Catherine Blaine K-8, Coe Elementary, Hay Elementary and Lawton Elementary competed in the second elementary school tournament of the year at Coe Elementary School.  

The Elementary School Debate League
is an after school program co-sponsored by Successful Schools in Action ( and the Seattle Debate Foundation.

The school debate teams have been meeting once a week for the past eight weeks to research this sessions’ topic which addresses the nutritional value in school lunches.

Thank you to all of the volunteer parents, judges, college students and community members who made this event possible!!!

Coe Elementary Tournament
June 7, 2007

Team Awards
1.    Coe – Lexi Hagans & Sabrina Woolridge
2.    Hay – Aidan Baxter & Boone Patz
3.    Coe – Liam Kelly, Phillip Kiefer & James Maltman
4.    Lawton – Emerson Jordan
5.    Hay – Ali Cunlisk & Alex Callahan
6.    Hay – Josh Barwell & Lukas Guericke
7.    Hay – Kathryn Patz & Olivia Sullivan
8.    Lawton – Luigi Maiorano & Max Walker
Speaker Awards
1.    Lexi Hagans, Coe
2.    Aidan Baxter, Hay
3.    Luigi Malorano, Lawton
4.    Sydney Anderson, Hay
5.    Travis Frank, Blaine
6.    Noah Genatossio, Coe
7.    Yossi Gastel, Lawton
8.    Eleanor Stratton-Clunas, Coe
9.    Sabrina Woolridge, Coe
10.Max Walker, Coe



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