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9/1/2003 - Jen Johnson Joins the Seattle UDL

This spring marked the end of Rachel Woods' tenure with the Seattle UDL. This Fall, Jen Johnson is joining us here in Seattle. Jen has spent the past several years running the Bay Area UDL (BAUD). She is very excited to be working with us in Seattle, and we are very lucky to have her with us.

6/8/2003 - 60 Minutes Feature Highlights Urban Debate League Success Stories

Tonight, CBS ran a feature story on Urban Debate Leagues. The story focused on the success of Walbrook Academy in Baltimore. CBS has made available the text of the broadcast. You can also download the story in mpeg (135 MB) or wmv (22 MB) format. To download, right-click on the link and select "save target as".

6/6/2003 - 60 Minutes Story on Urban Debate Leagues will air on Sunday, June 8

The Seattle Debate Foundation has exciting news to announce. CBS News' "60 Minutes", the highest rated news magazine on TV, will air a story on Urban Debate Leagues (UDLs) this Sunday, June 8, at 7pm PST. This national network TV story will help raise awareness of the Seattle UDL and urban debate across the country.

We urge you to watch this broadcast so you can see how powerful the benefits of UDLs really are. Tell your friends and family to tune in too. The story will focus on the Baltimore UDL but will highlight the strength and importance of UDLs across the country, including Seattle.

For additional information, check out the SDF website and the National Association of UDLs website,

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