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Educators around the country believe that debate is a better learning tool for urban students than anything else they have tried.

“There is no better activity that will develop essential academic, professional, and life skills than dedicated involvement in speech and debate.” - Professor Minh A. Luong, Yale University

“Urban Debate Leagues can help reduce the education-opportunity gap that separates rich and poor communities and thus they can help our children’s chances and our nation’s future.” 

- Robert B. Reich, Professor of Social and Economic Policy at Brandeis University


The Debate Across the Curriculum Textbook will be available shortly. Please check back soon!

Debate curriculum for science, math and other classes available shortly.

All Curriculum is aligned with the Washington state essential academic learning requirements.

Alignment with EALRs

Pre and Post Test aligned with EALRs & CBAs available shortly for teachers.

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