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UN Peacekeeping Topic

2004-2005 NFL Debate Topic Resources

The 2004-2005 high school debate topic is:

Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should establish a foreign policy substantially increasing its support of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

NAUDL Core Files. Over 200 pages of free debate evidence available from the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues.

Novice Case Areas. The Washington State Forensics Assocation--the forensics arm of the WIAA--has designed the following rules for competition in novice divison of policy debate.

1) Novice case areas: novices may run these affirmatives: Rapid Reaction Force, Nonviolent Peacekeeping, Congo, Demining, Gender Balance in Peacekeeping, UN Debt. Note: designation as a novice case area does not imply that the above cases are topical. Negatives may still run topicality on any case in the novice case area.

2) Negative off-case arguments: novices may run any topicality or disadvantage argument. Kritiks and Counterplans are not allowed in novice division. 

For a detailed summary of the novice case areas for 2004-2005, click here.

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