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Landmark Seattle Hip Hop Arts

and Culture Exhibition
“Dope Emporium” Opens at Artopia, Georgetown Arts Festival

Seattle, WA – June 7th, 2007 - As a collaborative production from the Seattle Hip Hop community, Dope Emporium is a festival that spotlights the multifaceted talent and ingenuity of local Hip Hop Culture through two stages and five hours of live music and art, fashion, Hip Hop Debate, spoken word, turntablism, an Urban Arts Media film short, a producer and graffiti art challenge, b-boy/b-girl showcases, and more. Silent Lambs Project, 4BC Music, The TWOMP, and Hip Hop Congress are proud to launch the second episode of Dope Emporium on June 23rd, 2007 as a part of Artopia, the Georgetown Arts Festival presented by the Seattle Weekly. This landmark event is more than just a Hip Hop show; it is an open invitation for all to participate in the continual creation of Seattle Hip Hop History.

“This is a platform for everyone to come together to build strength and unity for the next generation of messengers and activists,” stated curator Jace Ecaj of Silent Lambs Project, “It allows our artistry to be seen, heard, and experienced so people can see what we have to offer our broader community and the world.”

The unique vision and magnetic energy behind Dope Emporium evolved from the growing movement of creative collaboration and unity in the local Hip Hop community. The first Dope Emporium was held at the
Capital Hill Arts Center November of 2006, and drew a potent crowd of artists, educators, activists, and independent media outlets. As a community-owned and operated storefront of Seattle Hip Hop, it has since grown into a powerful catalyst for showcasing positive change, youth empowerment, and artistic excellence through Hip Hop culture.

At this installment, catch performances from

local Hip Hop legends like:

Silas Blak, Laura “Piece” Kelley, Beyond Reality, the Elefaders, Sista Hailstorm, dRED.i, Rajnii Eddins, the Parker Brotherz, and D.Black.

View footage of rising stars as well as historical moments in Seattle Hip Hop history, courtesy of Hip Hop 101, Roc TV, Coolout Network, Music Innercity, the Ladies First Collective, and more.

Check a public Hip Hop debate presented by Seattle Urban Debate, learn about the latest Hip Hop education youth programs, hear spoken word, and get the latest in local music and fashion. For more information visit , coming soon!

‘Dope Emporium’ at Artopia is an event not to be missed!

Saturday, June 23rd 2007
7pm-midnight, all ages
Georgetown Arts Festival
Airport Way S between S. Homer Street and S. Nebraska


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